Saturday, 6 October 2012

2012 Lake District holiday (Day 2 of 14)

Well after a good nights sleep, feeling a little fuzzy after our unintended extended journey we were awake and ready to start the holiday proper.

Blue had a lie in, and by 7 o'clock felt time was awasting, so with some gentle nusling and whimpering, there was my cue to rise from this warm comfy bed, and take Blue out to explore our new surroundings.

The bungalow holiday let is in a location we know well from previous holidays, daylight was already with us, time to venture out. Despite being in new surroundings from normal, Blue was keen to get out and do his business and check out the local area to see what it had to offer.

Our 30 minute walk was without incident and very enjoyable. Two weeks of 24 hour companionship, Blue would enjoy the company of his nearest and dearest, my wife Sue and me.

Since my wife had her foot operation in May this year, I have been taking Blue out for his early morning walks. At home of late these have been getting a little more difficult, due to the darker mornings. (Compounded by the council policy to have energy saving street lights that do not light up in the mornings,especially the early hours) Now I would not say that Blue is frightened of the dark, but he does change, not quite like a werewolf, but he does change. His senses really kick in when out in the dark, he displays high levels of perception of danger, whatever it may be, even a gnat farting. 

Walking Blue in the dark is like walking out with a firearm that has a hair trigger. The slightest noise or silent movement, or waft of a smell of danger, he is ready for action. We have never totally discouraged this because Blue is a German Shepherd, and it is in his genes and his make up to guard and protect. It just needs to be managed, this is why when we go out in the dark mornings or night, Blue needs to be seen. We fit him out with a high-viz jacket and a light so others can see him. Sometimes I wonder if a Blue flashing light on his head might be more appropriate.

Traditionally on these holidays especially to the lake district, we tend to have a lazy day, mainly because of the previous days travelling, but also weekends are going to be much busier with locals and visitors.

Blue was fitting in nicely, he had great pleasure exploring every room in the house, numerous times, done some more exploring out the back garden, which was quite small, but then who needs a big garden in the lake district. Breakfast was only a memory and Blue had already done some test drives in finding the most comfortable spot for resting, I am not sure if he found all very comfortable or just really not that bothered, but enjoyed trying out all areas, lounge,kitchen, decking, hallway. Eventually he seemed to be more drawn to his duvet by the back doors.

After a bit of lunch, we decided to take Blue out for a stroll, to the local Fitz park. This park was just at the bottom of the road over a small footbridge crossing the river Greta. We enjoyed a nice walk around the park, other K-9s were greeted from a distance. The other side of the park had been taken over by a cycle event, with large marquees and a throng of people, so a little busier than we had anticipated. We decided to just skirt the edges of Keswick town centre and return to base for dinner.

Blue has had issues with food like many of his breed, so his special diet of dry food (from Arden Grange) and (Sensitivity control, from Royal Canin), meant that dinner was familiar and tucked away without any hesitation.

Before we settled for the evening, we had a little visit to Ashness Bridge, this would give Blue a chance to stretch his legs and ensure he would be settled for the night. By the time we reached Ashness Bridge, daylight was fading fast, where had the day gone?

So we were settled for the evening, day two of our holiday was drawing to a close, Blue snuggled down on his duvet, and like switching a switch he was off like a light, Bless.

Done roaming!

Who knows what Blue was dreaming of, probably too tired to dream, doing very little can be very tiring.

A look out from the decking as the last embers of the sun were dying down, red sky at night shepherds delight brought to mind a new meaning, sleep well Blue for tomorrow our exploration of the Lake district will take us up fells into valleys and whatever else awaits.

Dramatic scenes like this are one of the great attractions for visiting the lakes, more for us than Blue though.

You could mistake the image for a forest fire, but it is only the sun setting behind rain clouds.

We are all so looking forward to tomorrow, as Blue sleeps the night away.