Saturday, 1 September 2012

The decorators tail (Blue style)

We had decided to decorate our dining room ahead of the new carpet and furniture being delivered.

With the wife out, visiting relatives, after washing down the paintwork. It was for me to tackle the task of the decorating. the filling done, and the ceiling painted we were making good progress.

I did forget to mention our little mate Blue, most of the time when I have been decorating I am fed a plentiful supply of tea. Well Blue does not do tea, Blue does football.

So with interruptions we were still making good progress, Blue would pop in with his ball, check on me and encourage me to share in the fun.

Now it was the time to do the walls, Dulux Hessian it was called, without a hint of Blue for now. The walls were going on a treat. Blue came in and decided to walk around the room and needed to explore behind the sideboard. Then he was in a quandary, at the end of the gap there was a tray full of Matt emulsion. Now I did forget to mention that when I had poured out the paint for the ceiling blue had a taste, and decided that the creamy looking milk must be off, it tasted a bit yuk.

Blue had worked it out, the way forward was not an option, and I was expecting him to reverse out of the gap. But no not Blue, a fully grown large German Shepherd knows best. No gap is to small to turn around.

In a split second not only had he turned around in a gap that was only a little wider than his shoulders, he was walking out the door with a new coat, Dulux hessian down the side, rump and tail. The attempts to remove it would only mean we had discovered a new game. Despite brushing he still wears his new coat into the early evening.
He looks now a little premature grey against his Black & Tan coat, you could say he sports a Blue rinse.

Tomorrow when I paint the woodwork with undercoat and gloss it will have to be behind closed doors.

He is no worse for his escapade, and it was quite amusing for both of us, and for Sue when she returned from visiting her Dad.