Monday, 4 June 2012

The bond grows stronger,and the grass is cut

Although Blue our German Shepherd has taken to his new regime, he has in some ways returned to aspects of his old self.

Some behavioural traits of a typical German Shepherd dog can be seen as an early sign of defiance / challenging of leadership. In Blue's case though it is more the occasional slip into bad habits, but more so the self confident dog enjoying his life.

A challenge this week was the mowing of the lawn, before the mower was out of the shed the barking and howling will build to a crescendo, by the time the started cord was pulled on the petrol mower, we would both be wound up to fever pitch.

In the past my wife Sue, would restore peace by putting Blue in the house, having neighbours on all sides, the volume of Blue the mower and me going at it was enough to bear. So given recent successes with the drinking bottle it was time to face another challenge.

With water bottle in hand, mower was taken out of the shed, weary looks exchanged, but no dramas.

Time to start the engine, and on cue start Blue off as well, a quick squirt with the command "leave it" was enough to restore order.

As you can see below the result was instant, I mowed the lawn and the only noise was from the mower itself. If you look closely the blue drinks bottle is placed on the mower, and was not required while mowing the grass.

As Blue responded so well it was important to give him some assurance whilst still cutting the grass. Once the mowing was completed we played with his footballs his favourite game of catch and chase.

We can now be called The Lawnmower Man & his Dog Blue